Manor Academy Curriculum

Manor Academy


The curriculum at Manor Academy is broad, balanced, challenging and engaging. It prepares students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences which they will encounter after leaving us whilst promoting spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development.

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and is broadly divided into a Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9), Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11) a Nurture curriculum and Key Stage 5 (Years 12, 13 and 14) model.

In Years 7-9 all students follow an identical curriculum (in terms of subjects and curriculum time) and are taught in mixed ability groups with teaching being differentiated to both support and challenge all students.

In Years 10 and 11 students follow both a core (English, maths, science etc) and options curriculum. The options curriculum allows students to progress further in areas in which they have a particular skill or interest. In keeping with our aim of preparing students for the world of work, students are able to follow a vocation course as part of their options curriculum.

The Nurture curriculum is for the more anxious learners in the ASC groups. This allows learners to follow a class-based curriculum. It enables pupils the opportunity to learn in a secure environment helping to reduce pupils’ anxiety. There is a focus on social development and personalised learning within this group.

Our Key Stage 5 curriculum focuses on developing and extending key functional skills in literacy, numeracy and computing alongside vocational courses and work-based learning. In this way our sixth form students are thoroughly prepared for the world of work.

Our curriculum offers a very clear pathway for progression and all courses from Year 10 onwards lead to a qualification of some sort eg. GCSE, BTEC, Level 1 and 2 qualifications, Entry Level Certificate and Functional Skills.

The following document gives an overview of the whole schools curriculum

Manor Academy

Manor Academy is an 11-19 provision for children who have a range of learning difficulties and additional needs. We offer a welcoming and supportive environment to parents, carers and their families. Our highly skilled staff look to celebrate all the achievements of our pupils.

Our Vision

We want our children and young people to be the best they can be within an environment which challenges and supports. We focus upon academic standards but equally important to us is the development of independence skills to enable all to achieve and stand out as valued member of their communities.

The Sovereign Trust

The Sovereign Trust are a family of schools who believe that by learning and growing together can inspire children to achieve their highest personal achievements at the same time as enjoying individualised, innovative and creative teaching and learning.