Manor Academy provides a high quality of provision for students on the ASC spectrum.

General Information

Students who need extra support and help with managing their autism will be placed in the resource base where they are taught in smaller classes with a higher ratio of staff: pupils, and a greater focus on social communication skills. Students who are placed in the resource base initially will be given access to integrated lessons within the wider school as appropriate, with the goal that they will be able to fully integrate within the school at some point. All students within the resource base are assessed using SCERTS principles and practise. Staff use a range of ASC friendly approaches – visual aids, TEACCH, social stories, comic strip conversations, PECS. Students have personalised interventions where appropriate including speech and language, lego therapy and behaviour. Students not initially based in the resource base will be monitored closely with form staff, head of Key stage and the Director of Autism to ensure their specific needs are being met

Multi Agency work

Manor High school works with a range of specialist teams in supporting students with an ASC and their parents, including a speech and language therapist who specialises in students with ASC, as well as the behaviour, sensory and social work teams and CAMHS. Families of students with an ASC feel well supported and have close links with their students form team, through a range of communication methods.


Students will have a carefully tailored transition package both into Manor Academy, and when moving on. Students will have a social story to aid the transition process and all transition work is done in conjunction with the primary school and specialist speech and language therapist or the next placement provider.


Students with an ASC will access all parts of the school where there is an autism friendly approach throughout. The resource base is a calming environment with minimal stimulation to distract students and specified areas for calming. There is a specialist sensory room where students can access a sensory curriculum or 1:1 time as pertinent to them. This will also be a bookable resource for other staff to use as part of the curriculum. In addition to this the resource base has its own outside space for students who struggle to cope in the wider school environment. There is equipment for students to play on and interactive games are encouraged at break times.