Curriculum Overview – Humanities

Year Group

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7

Pre- 1066

What is History? What was Britain like before 1066? Baseline Assessment. Chronological time line
Defending and Attacking
Castles,  Battle of Hastings, the Norman Conquest, Henry11 and the Peasant’s Revolt.
Visit to Chirk Castle

Changing lives in England 1066-1509

1066-1509 Changing lives of people in England Life in the towns and villages, Feudalism, Black Death.

Visit to Eyam

Development of Power 1500-1750

How the  power of the church, monarchy and parliament changed 1500-1750 . The Tudors.

Visit to Little Moreton Hall

Changing lives in England 1500-1750

Life in towns and villages, The Great Plague and the Fire of London.

Geographical Locational and Place Knowledge

Focus on Africa, Russia ,Asia and the Middle East . Students use maps to find and name countries and capital cities. Compare the features of different countries on the continent.

U.N.E.S.C.O World heritage sites

Visit to Saltaire Village

Year 8

Slavery and Abolition.

African  society before the slave trade, the development of the trade, life for slaves and the Abolition Movement.

What did the Industrial Revolution do for us in the North West. Local Study.

Life in Industrialised towns Life in Factories

Did the Industrial Revolution benefit the people of Manchester

Visit Styal Mill

Human and Physical Geography

Weather and climate, natural disasters, fault lines earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis .Change in climate from ice age to present day, erosion, rocks, hydrology and coasts, population and urbanisation.

Visit Castleton Blue John Mines

Year 9

Civil Right’s Movement. How have people campaigned for equal rights? Civil Rights  Movement USA, Nelson Mandela. Rosa Parks

Enquiry. Did racial prejudice in the USA end with the abolition of slavery?

World War One and World War Two.

This unit will look in depth at the two World Wars. Battles, animals, trench warfare, World War 1 Christmas truce, evacuation, rationing and land girls

Remembrance Day

Local Study : Chapel Street Altrincham

Enquiry  Presentation on Trench Life

Holocaust and Genocide.

What  caused the Holocaust, how it developed, genocide after 1945 Cambodia and Rwanda.

Visit to Imperial War Museum, Dunham Massey War hospital, Edan Camp

Geographical Skills and Fieldwork

Ordinance survey maps 4 and 6 grid references, map scale, symbols and compass points. Visit Sale Water Park