Curriculum Overview – R.E.

Year Group

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7

What is RE?

Feelings. Belonging to a religion / family / school. Everyone is valuable.
What is a fact, an opinion & a belief?
RE key facts including Humanism & Baha’i religions.
Christian symbols and the Christian creation story. Link to pupils time of rest
Making a “what is RE?” bookmark.
An introduction to festivals – Christmas.


Christmas and the importance of religious and non-religious celebrations.
Hindu festival of Divali and the story of Rama and Sita.
Ramadan and festival of Eid ul Fitr.
The importance of light during festivals and celebrations. The Baha’i Fast.
Holy week & the Christian festival of Easter.

Significant Figures

Buddhism key facts.
The story of the Buddha.
The Eightfold Path.
The festival of Wesak.
Buddhist shrines and meditation.
Mandala patterns.
How Buddha compares to Jesus and / or important non-religious people in our lives.

Year 8

Ways of Worship

What makes a place sacred?
What is meant by roots & shoots?
Different religious buildings e.g. worship in a church and a mosque.
Hindu worship.
Baha’i place of worship.
Music in worship. How do people feel?
Prayer and non-religious “prayer”.
Why do people pray?
Designing an appropriate room for worship.

Images of God

Evidence of Gods in the days of the week. What is Brahman?
The Trimurti – Hindu Gods – Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.
Who are Hanuman, Ganesha, Lakshmi?
The Christian view of God – the Trinity. Humanists view of God.
Designing a suitable God where appropriate.

Responding to issues of our time

Good, bad, right, wrong, heaven and hell.
Christianity in Action e.g. Christian Aid & the Salvation Army.
Who was Mother Teresa?
Different religions who work together e.g. Christian Aid and Islamic Relief.
Humanist view on charities and human rights.
Pupils will also study for a Unit Award. How do religions serve others?

Pupils will also study for a Unit Award. How do religions serve others?

Year 9

Rites of Passage

A ladder / map of life.
How and why do we celebrate special times?
Baha’i, Humanist, Christian, Muslim and Hindu birth, christening, coming of age, marriage and funeral ceremonies / services.
Comparing the different religions’ Rites of Passage – similarities and differences.
Non-religious special times.

Sources of Authority

What do we mean by precious items? Investigate sources of guidance in our lives.
Scriptures & Rules –different holy writings e.g. The Christian Bible, The Old Testament, The Ten Commandments and The New Testament.
The Muslim Qur’an, the Jewish Torah, the Sikh Guru Granth Sahib, the Baha’i holy books.
The story of Noah sacred to Muslims, Jews and Christians.
What do we learn from holy books and are they really needed?
The Golden Rule in Humanism.

Jewish Beliefs

Key facts of Judaism, and its origins.
The plagues and Exodus.
What is a Kippah & Tallit?
The Jewish synagogue.
Daily life.
What is the Sabbath?
Festivals such as Rosh Hashanah.
Comparison to Christianity and other religions.

Pupils will also study for a Unit Award on this topic.