Curriculum Overview – Travel & Tourism

1 year Course:  Edexcel BTEC Level 1 Award (7 credits required).

1 year Course:  Edexcel BTEC Level 1 Certificate (13 credits – for those pupils who have already gained enough credits for the Level 1 Award and who have chosen to study Travel and Tourism again).


Unit 5:  Researching a Tourist Destination.

This unit includes:

Specific tourist destinations.

Methods of transport to the destination.

Places to stay e.g. hotels.

Research using brochures, travel offices, libraries and the internet.

Identify areas of interest, attractions and facilities.

Present information and ask questions on a specific tourist destination.

Unit Credit Value = 3


Unit 11:  UK Travel destinations.

This unit includes:

Different types of UK tourist destinations e.g. seaside resorts and cities.

National Parks.

Travel and tourism geography of the UK.

Sources of information e.g. maps, atlases, websites and brochures.

Areas of interest e.g. theme parks.

Producing a presentation about a UK tourist destination.

Unit Credit Value = 4


Unit 6:  Planning for and Taking Part in a Visit.

This unit includes:

Research a suitable destination using the internet and leaflets.

Plan a visit including departure date, opening times, food and drink and costs.

Use personal skills during visit e.g. time management, journey method, punctuality and good behaviour.

Review success of visit e.g. what went well, what could be improved and how this could be achieved.

Unit Credit Value = 3