Form groups and staffing structure typically remain the same as pupils move from Key Stage 3 into Key Stage 4 which provides consistency for the pupils. In some situations, pupils who were in the Autistic Spectrum Centre gain the confidence and skills to allow them to transition out of ASC. This conversion typically happens gradually during Key Stage 4 according to the individual needs of the pupil. Pupils from ASC who are not able to manage full integration have the opportunity to join peers for a number of subjects (e.g. Mathematics and Options) during Key Stage 4.

Each form group is supported by both a Teacher and a Teaching Assistant, who are responsible for the pupils’ pastoral care. There are approximately 12 pupils per form. However, during some lessons students are grouped, allowing for smaller teaching groups. In other curriculum areas such as PE, the classes may be larger, to allow the pupils to access team sports and activities.

At Key Stage 3 a broad curriculum is accessed by all pupils and provides essential experiences in both core and foundation subjects. We endeavour to support pupils in all aspects of their learning, in an environment that is caring, secure, well-resourced and stimulating. Subjects are delivered by specialist staff in specific environments, appropriate to meet the needs of our pupils. Please see individual subject overviews for more subject specific information.

Other subjects are available as different options. The options can vary slightly depending on the needs and interests of each cohort. Our current options are outlined below.

Year 10

Option 1Option 2Option 3
Environmental Studies ArtChildcare
Food technologyICTConstruction
Life and living skills Design Technology Performing arts

Year 11

Option 1Option 2Option 3Option 4
Child careFood technologyConstruction Team Enterprise
Design Technology Environmental studiesPerforming Arts Duke of Edinburgh
ICTArtLife and living skills Hospitality
Independent living Independent livingIndependent livingIndependent living

Core secondary and foundation subjects for Key Stage 4

Key stage 4 subject Learning hours per week
English3 hours 40 minutes
Maths3 hours 40 minutes
Science2 hours 45 minutes
Personal Social Development 1 hour 50 minutes
Information communication technology 55 minutes
Physical Education 55 minutes
Youth challenge 2 hours 45 minutes
Option 11 hour 50 minutes
Option 21 hour 50 minutes
Option 31 hour 50 minutes
Life and living 55 minutes
Reading 1 hour 40 minutes
Pastoral 1 hour 40 minutes