Manor Academy Aims and Objectives

Parents, Carers and Families

  • To encourage a shared commitment, a partnership between home and school.
    • To encourage parental involvement.
    • To have excellent methods of communication.
    • To provide high quality extra -curricular and after school activities.


  • To celebrate diversity and achievement.
    • To value each individual’s contribution to school life.
    • To equip pupils with the skills and necessary knowledge to live as independent a life as possible.
    • To enable all pupils maximum opportunity to extend lifelong learning.
    • To encourage our pupils to have respect for themselves and others.
    • To encourage pupils to be self -motivated and to develop a responsibility for their own learning.
    • To promote a positive and an enquiring attitude to learning.
    • To promote in all pupils pride and a sense of ownership in their school.
    • To promote self -esteem and a positive self- image.
    • To break down barriers to learning and encourage participation for all.


  • To have a broad and balanced curriculum.
    • To provide a stimulating, enjoyable and diverse curriculum.
    • To provide extra-curricular activities that will extend pupils’ experiences.
    • To seek out innovative ways of improving the quality of teaching and learning.
    • To maintain standards of excellence in all aspects of the curriculum.
    • To promote a shared understanding that learning is for life.
    • To encourage all pupils to progress to higher education.
    • To continually identify opportunities for inclusion across the curriculum.

Staff, Trustees and Advisors

  • To promote the organisation as a local, regional and national centre of excellence.
    • To effectively monitor, assess and evaluate pupil outcomes.
    • To use a consultative management style that encourages communication and dialogue.
    • To identify, negotiate and promote staff and organisational development needs.
    • To share skills, enthusiasm and subject knowledge within the learning community.
    • To provide a safe, secure and supportive environment that encourages all styles of learning.
    • To strive for the highest possible standards.
    • To maintain excellent practice through self -evaluation and professional review.
    • To promote an inclusive approach in all aspects of school and community life.

Contact details : Helen Counsell, will be happy to answer any queries you may have and refer you to the appropriate member of staff.